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14. Pollinators

(introduced honeybees where none exist; or in some cases required hand pollination, in vanilla for instance; ultrasound; bombiculture)


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The Birds and the (Native) Bees

Alternative Pollinators: Native Bees
By Lane Greer
NCAT Agriculture Specialist
Published 1999

ATTRA Publication #IP126

The printable PDF version of the entire document is available at:
14 pages — 541K


This publication discusses using solitary or native bees as pollinators. Some of the larger groups of bees are discussed, including alkali bees, leafcutter bees, alfalfa leafcutter bees, bumblebees, sweat bees, squash bees, digger bees, orchard mason bees, shaggy fuzzyfoot bees, and hornfaced bees. Information is also presented on how to attract and conserve populations of wild bees for pollination purposes. There is also a list of suppliers of native bees and bee equipment.

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The recent bee die-off in most of Europe and the U.S. is dealt with here:

Monday, February 12, 2007

Silent Spring, Revisited: Bee Dieoff Shows Importance of Watershed Based Commodity Ecology Oversight